Maybe-candidate snared in political Web

BOSTON, Jan. 10 (UPI) -- Massachusetts' Democratic attorney general may trouble setting up a Web site if he runs for governor as rival Republicans have bought his domain names.

While the state election isn't scheduled for another 18 months, GOP Executive Director Tim O'Brien told the Boston Herald they were taking no chances with a possible run by Tom Reilly. For about $200, the party registered,, and


O'Brien said the party won't be selling the Web site back to Reilly for a profit.

"Unless he doesn't run, then he can have 'em back," O'Brien said.

Stephen Bilafer, an adviser to Reilly, said he was unimpressed by the pre-emptive site-squat.

He said the tactic proves the GOP is already preparing to run a negative campaign against Reilly if he does decide to enter the race.

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