Jockstrip: The world as we know it

By United Press International  |  Dec. 22, 2004 at 6:00 AM
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Judge apologizes for court snoozing

CALGARY, Alberta, Dec. 21 (UPI) -- A Canadian judge in Alberta apologized in court for falling asleep during the sentencing hearing of a convicted Calgary drug dealer.

Court of Queen's Bench Justice John Moore said he fell asleep Dec. 1 during testimony of the accused, Nicholas Chan, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported Tuesday. Moore added he has sought help from his doctor for his sleep problems.

Chan's lawyer said when his client stopped talking; he could hear the judge snoring.

Chan's legal team said they don't know if their application for a mistrial would go forward or if a new judge would take over the sentencing.

Next big thing? Self-heating can of latte

WASHINGTON, Dec. 21 (UPI) -- Early next year those lovers of latte needn't stop in a café for their kick, but can press a button on a can of the stuff for a fast fix.

Beginning Jan. 2, WP Beverage Partners will start selling a 10-ounce container of gourmet latte bearing the name of celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck that can be heated with the touch of a button, the Gannett News Service reported Tuesday.

The button mixes calcium oxide and water to heat the latte to 145 degrees Fahrenheit in six minutes and keep it warm for 30 minutes.

As well as licensing the use of Puck's name WP has linked up with OnTech, a technology specialist, that designed the heating process.

German eatery caters to anorexics

BERLIN, Dec. 21 (UPI) -- A woman who once suffered from anorexia is running a Berlin restaurant catering to people with eating disorders.

The eatery, called Sehnsucht -- German for "longing" -- is billed as "the world's first restaurant for anorexics," ABC News reported Tuesday.

Nestled among cafes, beer gardens and elegant restaurants in Berlin's trendy Tiergarten district, the dining hall aims to make dining less stressful for people who are turned off by the very thought of eating.

Sehnsucht owner Katja Eichbaum, the head chef and several waitresses also suffered from anorexia and other eating disorders. The menu does not describe dishes, but simply lists the eatery's fare under generic names and avoids any mention of calories.

But diners are not required to have an eating disorder to get a table at Sehnsucht.

"We cater to people who have a problem with food like anorexia and bulimia and also for people who don't," said restaurant Rene Kilian.

Shocking: Some Norwegians don't pay bills

OSLO, Norway, Dec. 21 (UPI) -- Cigarette-smoking patrons of Norwegian pubs are using a new anti-smoking law to stiff businesses under the guise of a quick outside puff.

Restaurant owners already have complained that the ban has hurt revenues, Aftenposten reported Tuesday.

Now, they are also complaining because some patrons excuse themselves, allegedly to have a cigarette after dinner, as a way of skipping out on paying their tabs.

Oslo's Clodion Art Cafe, for example, averaged one bill-dodging a week before the new smoking law took effect. Now the cafe is up to three a week, sometimes more, says manager Vibeke Slatheim.

"People seem to lower the threshold for skipping out on paying, when they're already standing out in the street with their coat on," said Baard Fiksdal of a trade association.

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