Bratt's admirer doesn't recognize him

CHICAGO, July 21 (UPI) -- Benjamin Bratt suffered the ultimate embarrassment every Hollywood star dreads -- not being recognized by his fan.

To make matters worse, the incident happened on national television on Oprah Winfrey's talk show.


It began when the fan's aunt wrote to the show her niece was disappointed she couldn't get tickets for show Bratt was scheduled to appear on. So Winfrey's producers called the fan to a Chicago spa for a massage and a facial.

"The gag was for me to show up with a bouquet of flowers and walk out to the lobby where she was sitting and say, as I did, 'Hi, I'm Benjamin Bratt, I'm going to be your masseur for the day!' She just looked up at me and went, 'Okay...' She had no idea who I was," Bratt said.

Bratt took the incident in stride.

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