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By United Press International  |  July 14, 2004 at 6:00 AM
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Juror locks herself in bathroom

CHICAGO, July 13 (UPI) -- A juror at a Chicago murder trial locked herself in the bathroom because she said she could not take the stress.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported Tuesday that the juror in the trial of Margaret DeFrancisco, accused of helping her sister lure a man into a basement to rob and kill him when she was 16, told other jurors she simply couldn't understand how anyone at age 16 could kill someone.

"She just didn't want to be responsible for sending someone to jail, potentially for the rest of their life," said one of the other jurors, who asked not to be identified. "She wasn't wacky, she had just never witnessed or read about something like this happening where she came from."

Sources told the Sun-Times the juror was from Poland and had trouble with English. "She couldn't comprehend some of the words and terminology of the case," one juror said.

After the jurors said they were deadlocked, the judge declared a mistrial. Prosecutors said they would try DeFrancisco again.

Toddler shoots granny in neck, accidently

WILDWOOD, Mo., July 13 (UPI) -- A Missouri woman was recovering Tuesday from a gunshot wound inflicted by her 3-year-old grandson.

The family was packing Sunday for a move to South Carolina when the boy's father found a .22-guage rifle that had fallen from a wall-mounted gun rack, the Post-Dispatch reported Tuesday.

He leaned the weapon against the wall as he stepped outside and his son picked it up, advanced a live round into the chamber and let off a shot at his 65-year-old grandmother.

A moment before the trigger was pulled she moved her head, and the round blew through the headrest on the rocking chair where she was sitting, cutting her neck.

She required 10 stitches at St. John's Medical Center in the western part of St. Louis County.

"If she had not moved, the bullet would have gone through her forehead," said the boy's mother, Renee Hansen. "It was so close. It could have been a terrible tragedy."

Police deemed the shooting accidental.

Many arrested for outdoor sex in Norway

OSLO, Norway, July 13 (UPI) -- There has been a rash of arrests in Norway for couples engaging in outdoor sexual intercourse.

Aftenposten reported Tuesday the arrests started after a couple has sex on stage during a concert to gain attention to the plight of rain forests.

A couple was arrested Monday for having sex outside a Norwegian public library, but they were intoxicated police said. However, police in Larvik, received several calls from people reporting a couple having sex just outside the downtown public library. That couple was fined more than $2,000.

Meanwhile, another couple in Halden was fined for having sex outside a nightclub.

Jerry Hall's albatross wins race

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, July 13 (UPI) -- Aphrodite, an albatross sponsored by Texas model Jerry Hall, has won the 6,000 mile Big Bird Race in South Africa, reported Tuesday.

Aphrodite was reported missing about midway through the 6,000-mile journey, and was even feared dead at one point.

"When Aphrodite disappeared in the middle on the Indian Ocean, I thought her chances of winning were dashed," Hall said. "But when her satellite tracking device came back online off the South African coast I was delighted. Now that she has been declared the winner, I am over the moon."

Eighteen albatrosses left Australia April 27 to publicize how tens of thousands of the giant birds are lost each year to substandard or illegal fishing practices. The signals from all but three of the birds have since been lost.

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