Last Tasmanian devil not in Australia dies

FORT WAYNE, Ind., May 19 (UPI) -- Coolah, a Tasmanian devil at the Fort Wayne, Ind., Children's Zoo and the last remaining devil outside Australia, has died.

The seven-year-old Coolah was euthanized Tuesday after being diagnosed with inoperable cancer in April. A necropsy will be performed Wednesday by Fort Wayne Children's Zoo veterinarian Dr. Joe Smith to confirm the diagnosis.


Coolah was born at the Cincinnati Zoo in January 1997. He gained renown last year after the death of Gillian, a female devil at the San Diego Zoo, making him the only Tasmanian devil in the world living outside of Australia.

The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo has housed 12 devils over the years, more than any other zoo in North America.

"Coolah was the end of an era," says Zoo Curator Mark Weldon. The Australian government currently prohibits Tasmanian devils from leaving that country.

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