Man trapped 10 days by his organ

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SANDUSKY, Ohio, April 16 (UPI) -- An Ohio man was in critical condition Friday after being rescued from beneath an overturned organ that toppled more than a week ago.

Elex Pentorn Jr., 50, was found Wednesday by two men in Sandusky checking to see why he hadn't collected his mail since April 2, the Cleveland Morning Journal reported.


Apartment building employees Jack Johnson and Edward Ferback used a master key to enter the apartment where they found Pentorn under the 200-pound instrument.

They called an ambulance and lifted the organ.

"You could see the (organ's indentation) across his stomach when they picked him up," Johnson said.

The building owner told the newspaper Pentorn was a theatrical equipment handler capable of bench-pressing 350 pounds, and suspects the man suffered a heart attack or stroke and pulled the organ down as he collapsed.

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