London house now world's most pricey

LONDON, April 12 (UPI) -- A West London mansion has sold for $128.4 million (70 million pounds), the most expensive house in the world, the BBC reports.

Lakshmi Mittal, a steel-industry billionaire born in India, bought the 12-bedroom mansion, in Kensington Palace Gardens. Mittal owns LMN, the second-biggest steel producer in the world and is estimated to be worth nearly $6.5 billion (3.5 billion pounds).


The house features Turkish baths, a ballroom, and a jeweled pool, and is watched over by 65 security cameras.

The mansion was created by combining the former Egyptian Embassy and a former annex of the Russian Embassy.

The marble used in the house is said to have been imported from the same quarry as marble in the Taj Mahal.

A house in Hong Kong that sold for nearly $115 million (62.7 million pounds) in 1997 had held the Guinness Book of Records title of world's most expensive house.

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