Jockstrip: The world as we know it

By ALEX CUKAN, United Press International  |  March 19, 2004 at 7:23 AM
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Police arrested a 42-year-old Pennsylvania man on charges he posted nude pictures of his ex-girlfriend at a Palmer, Pa., post office and bank.

Larry Scott Kramer faces charges of harassment, stalking and posting obscene and other sexual materials and performances, reports the Easton Express-Times.

Postal workers called police after several people complained nude photos had been inserted into newspapers bought at the U.S. Post Office in Palmer.

The postal workers recognized the woman in the pictures as the same woman in sexually explicit poses pinned on the Post Office bulletin board a few weeks earlier.


A 59-year-old Texas man who wasn't wearing his hearing aid was hit by a MetroRail train as it approached the platform in Houston.

"Donnie Hall normally wears hearing aids in both ears, but three months ago he lost the one in his left ear," Metropolitan Transit Authority spokesman Ken Connaughton tells the Houston Chronicle.

"He heard the train (approaching from the left) but because he was hearing it in his right ear he didn't think he was in imminent danger."

Hall, who works as a janitor, suffered bruises after being grazed by the train. As he was being transported to the hospital, however, the ambulance he was in was hit by a car. No one was seriously injured.


Bob Smith, creator of "Jesus Dress-Up," refrigerator magnets sold in Philadelphia-area stores, says he is doing nothing wrong.

The refrigerator magnets include a crucifix as well as clothes and accessories.

"I don't think there's anything wrong with religious satire," Smith exclusively tells WCAU-TV, in Philadelphia. "People have got to learn to laugh at themselves, it's part of human nature."

Smith, who says he's an atheist, has sold more than 5,000 of the magnets over the past four years.


Australian author Dawn Griggs, who sought a peaceful break in India -- as she had done several times before -- has been killed.

The 57-year-old author was a long-time member of the Brahma Kumaris yoga movement. She flew from Brisbane, Australia, and took a prepaid taxi to New Delhi, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Twenty-four-year-old taxi driver Jyotish Prasad has been charged with her death.

Prasad told police in a statement he decided to rob Griggs after noticing the heavy jewelry she was wearing and because he thought she was an easy victim as she was alone, according to the Times of India.

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