The jazz world's losses were many

KEN FRANCKLING, United Press International

The jazz world said farewell to many of its performers and supporting figures during 2003. So many, it departed that it seemed there would be a surge on the perpetual jazz big band -- wherever it lives on.

The most notable were saxophonist-trumpeter-arranger-composer Benny Carter -- one of the great, prolific and unheralded jazz composers of the 20th century -- plus percussionist Mongo Santamaria, singer-pianist Nina Simone, saxophonist Teddy Edwards, trombonist Jimmy Knepper, pianist Mal Waldron, flutist Herbie Mann and singer Celia Cruz.


Other deaths in 2003, and the closing weeks of 2002, included:

Trumpeters Billy Brooks, Webster Young, William Schimpf, Kid Bastien, Mardell Winstead, Walter Fuller; Ameen Muhammad and Cy Touff, and cornetist Ruby Braff; trombonists Jim Snyder, Grover Mitchell, Carl Fontana, Taswell Baird Jr., Sammy Sherman and Wayne Andre.

Also, saxophonists "Watergate Clyde" Dickerson, Allen Eager, Harold Ashby, William Leslie, Bill Perkins, Frank Lowe, Don Lanphere, Geoffrey Thaler, Gordon Cruickshank, Freddy Guerra, Buddy Arnold, Hans Koller and Carmen Campagnoli; and clarinetists Bob Helm, Peanuts Hucko and Tommy Gwaltney.

Also, violinists Pete Compo and Louie Bluie (Howard Armstrong) and pianists Al Tinney, George Gaffney, Ruben Gonzalez, David Azarian, Jutta Hipp, Rob Madna, Juan José Calatayud, Linton Garner, Michel Graillier, Marie Marcus, Dennis Moorman, Attrus Fleming Jr. and Edwin Swanston; and singer-pianist Hadda Brooks.


Also, guitarists Nathan Page, Shawn Lane, Doc Pittman, Noble Jolley and Volker Kriegel; bassists Charlie Biddle, Placide Adams, Aaron Bell, Arvell Shaw, Peter Niklas Wilson and Chubby Jackson; and drummers Tommy Perkins, Buster Smith Rick Porter and Eddie Gladden; drummer, pianist and composer

Also, vibraphonist Bobby Montez; percussionist Luis Daniel "Chichito" Cepeda; blues performer Earl King (guitarist and singer); bandleaders Manny Harmon, William Russo and Stanley Black; singers Dolly Dawn and Nancie Banks; composers Doris Fisher, Ed Townsend and Paul Haines; arranger Luther Henderson; and lyricist Valerie Parks Brown.

Also, writers Peter Tanner, Eric Nisenson, Zoe Anglesey and Paul Haines; poet Ted Joans; photographer Ray Avery; broadcaster Stan Martin; producer Louis-Victor Mialy; publisher Jack Maher; club owner and manager Clarence Baker; and "the Jazz Priest," the Rev. Norman O'Connor.

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