Cross-dresser arrested in bath house

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MATSUYAMA, Japan, Nov. 27 (UPI) -- Japanese police have arrested a man who dressed as a woman so he could enter public bath houses and watch naked women, Mainichi News said Thursday.

Police in Matsuyama charged 33-year-old Eichi Yamamoto with 17 counts of illegally entering buildings and peeping for his activities that began in April.


"I wanted to see women naked," he was quoted as telling investigators. "Dressing up as a woman was a step to do that."

Police said Yamamoto dressed up as a woman and entered a bath Wednesday and began staring at naked women as he soaked in the water.

However, other people in the bath became suspicious because of the way he walked, and alerted a worker. He was nabbed in the changing rooms of the bath.

Yamamoto has no chest or leg hair, police said. When he entered the facilities, he reportedly wore a wig of long hair, a white blouse, a gray skirt, a bra, and put on lipstick.

He reportedly chose to sit in a jet bath, which made it easier to hide his gender because of the bubbles, police said.

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