Chicago rats won't get old

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CHICAGO, July 16 (UPI) -- Chicago's mayor hates rats and city workers are taking that seriously.

Bureau of Rodent Control workers use spears, shovels and golf clubs to hammer rats to death in the war on rodents.


"If we see them live, we'll club them right there," said Josie Cruz, general supervisor for the Bureau of Rodent Control.

The Daley administration claims it has successfully kept the rat population at less than 500,000 and points to an 8 percent decrease in rat complaints to the 311 non-emergency number so far this year as evidence.

"The mayor absolutely hates rats," said Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Al Sanchez.

The poison set out takes as long as two days to kill the rodents from internal bleeding but if they can find alternative food, like garbage, the rats will take that first.

But, "Dog feces is the prime source of protein for rats," said Sanchez. "To them, it's filet mignon."

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