Jockstrip: The world as we know it

ALEX CUKAN, United Press International


For the July issue, Redbook surgeons lopped off Julia Roberts' head from one photo and put it another of her body -- from four years ago.


"Based on her hairstyle, her head comes from the January 2002 People's Choice Awards," a source close to Roberts told the New York Daily News.

Robert's body seems to be from the premiere of "Notting Hill" which opened in London in April 1999, when the actress wore the glittery red dress shown, according to the unnamed source.

While some might enjoy being pictured with a body from four years ago, Roberts' camp is horrified -- the head was attached a mite too low, making Roberts' swanlike neck appear a bit squat.


To the naked eye, it looks like a fleck of tile decorated with the Greek letters alpha and omega.

But magnified by a factor of 600 it the world's most portable copy of the New Testament.

According to the latest version of Guinness Book of World Records, the 5-millimeter-square tablet is the smallest reproduction yet of a printed book.

It was created in 2001 by two scientists in the field of object recognition, Pawan Sinha and Pamela R. Lipson of Cambridge, Mass., who call it a tool for archiving and authentication, The New York Times reports.


They developed software that allowed them to write in gold on a crystalline silicon chip, using a font with letters each 4 microns high — about the height of a red blood cell.


British bride Charlotte Turner was devastated when her brother couldn't attend her wedding because he was called up to serve in Iraq.

In April, 29-year-old Phil, a sergeant in the Royal Military Police, received his call-up to serve in the war for a tour of duty that cold last six months, missing the June wedding that had been planned for two years.

So the bride's family made a life-size cardboard cut-out of him in his military uniform for the special day.

The bride told the Nottingham Evening Post the life-size image of her brother at Blott's Country Club made up for him not making the wedding.

There was another surprise at the reception, a video message from Basra, Iraq, for the happy couple.


Dancer, choreographer, pop singer and American Idol judge Paula Abdul and celebrity fitness trainer David Kirsch are looking for a good pair of legs.


The two are kicking off The Gillette Co.'s Passion Pink Venus "Legs of a Goddess" contest -- a nationwide search to for the woman with the best legs in America.

The first competition occurred in South Beach, Fla., with local women invited to walk the runway and be judged for their shapely and toned legs. Additional competitions are scheduled for nine more cities during the summer.

The national winner will receive a vintage, pink Cadillac convertible and the chance to appear in a Venus commercial.

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