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By ELLEN BECK, United Press International
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The latest in romance help is, a cause-oriented personals service that lets activists participate in online advocacy and find dates at the same time.


The brainchild of Extreme Campaigns and Spring Street Networks, the service offers new members access to more than 1 million personal ads, as well as real-time video chat.

"Activism is sexy, activists are sexy, and it's high time that all humans were offered a way to 'take action' while 'getting action,'" John Hlinko, president of Extreme Campaigns and founder of, said in a statement.

The service says it will donate a portion of its proceeds to good causes and activist efforts.


The British Broadcasting Corp. says Nicole Jones, of Bristol, England, is so worried her husband might leave her if she loses her looks she has insured her face for $164,000.


The policy pays if Jones is no longer deemed to be attractive and is a birthday present for her husband Simon, who had always joked he would leave her if she let herself go as she got older, the BBC reports.

To make a claim, Jones, 26, will have to be declared unattractive by a panel of 10 builders -- a test she said her husband appreciated, being a builder himself.

"When I met him I knew he was the sort of person who likes good looking ladies, but I've had a baby now and my figure isn't what it was before," she said. "He hated it when I was pregnant and my figure was changing and it was out of our control."


Irv Gordon, a 61-year-old retired science teach from Long Island, N.Y., is the first person to drive 2 million miles in the same car. Since he has so many road trips under his belt, he offers some favorite summer destinations.

Gordon's advice to families is to ditch the fancy resorts and theme parks and drive to a small town for vacation.

He suggests McLean, Texas, an old Route 66 town where time has stood still since the interstate bypassed it decades ago. A must see is the Devil's Rope Museum with a fascinating history of the manufacture and use of barbed wire.


Belle Fourche, S.D., he says is a quaint little open sky town with beautiful parks and friendly people. Of special interest is the Geophysical Center of the United States.

There also is Chippewa Falls, Wis., a northwoods town famous for Leinenkugel's Brewery. Take a tour and ask John the brew master to give you a lesson on hops and wort.


The Purina Pet Institute has come out with a list of the top U.S. cities for pets -- specifically for pet health -- and Denver tops the list.

Denver received the highest score for emergency and critical care with 62 veterinarians accredited by the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society -- more per capita than any other city in the report.

Riverside, Calif., came in last for having 130 ozone alert days per year, only five dog parks and just 16 emergency and critical care veterinarians.

The Institute analyzed 30 different criteria ranging from veterinarian-to-pet ratios to incidence of obesity to rabies legislation.

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