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By DENNIS DAILY, United Press International  |  April 11, 2003 at 4:00 AM
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The sculptures of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, best known for his paintings, soon will be on display in Scottsdale, Ariz.

The House of Renoir, the private museum that will house the collection, tells United Press International that special bronze replicas of the sculptures will be prepared for public sale in conjunction with the new exhibit.

The sculptures, by the famous French impressionist painter who lived until 1919, are in a set of 20 pieces that contain the poignant "La Maternite," dedicated to the artist's wife.

The House of Renoir says most people are pleasantly surprised to discover Renoir did other forms of art, not just oils on canvas. Some art critics consider Renoir's sculptures to be among the best ever done by a French artist.


Congress has approved a plan that would see more than 6,000 IRS employees set up offices in Kansas City, Mo.

The Kansas City Star says most will be housed in the renovated old Main Post Office Building in the heart of the downtown sector. The move is the result of the consolidation of regional IRS operations.

It also signals the beginning of what downtown advocates hope will be a major push to revitalize that part of the city. The old Post Office Building and its adjacent property are thought to be worth about one-third billion dollars.

In addition, the flood of workers could bring new life to the nearby Union Station building, which has gone through several renovations and floor plans.


An expert on housing says the current influx of people into Las Vegas is a flood of senior citizens. Cliff Singleton, who is the driving force behind a half-dozen specialized apartment complexes for seniors nationwide, tells UPI the latest figures seem to show more and more retirement-age couples -- and singles -- are opting to move to the Las Vegas area.

Singleton estimates the number of retirees in Las Vegas will top 330,000 in less than two years. Most of those moving to Las Vegas are, according to Singleton, active seniors -- or "go-go's."

His latest project, Bel Aire West, an all-inclusive, amenity-loaded retirement apartment complex, caters to seniors who want to stay active in their later years. The complex even features food prepared by a former White House chef, unlimited limo service, fitness center and in-house movie theater.

He says many housing contractors likely will follow what could become the "Las Vegas Concept," providing a retirement home that is a "cruise ship without water."


Plans are in the works that would move Philadelphia's innovative Please Touch Museum to another building.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports a local park commission wants to move the contents of the children's museum into the nearby Memorial Hall, which now houses the administrative headquarters of local parks.

Please Touch has been housed in a building on North 21st Street for years. Unlike many museums around the country, it's doing well financially. With $24 million in its bank account, the museum says it could raise another $3 million by selling its current building, which it has quickly outgrown.

If full approval for the move is given, the first part of the project would get underway in a few months.

The site of the new museum, Memorial Hall, is more than 125 years old and would undergo a complete renovation to house the children's museum.

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