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By ELLEN BECK, United Press International  |  Feb. 14, 2003 at 4:30 AM
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Police in Hawley, Minn., played an unexpected role in the recovery of shuttle Columbia debris -- all because of a close phone number.

The Forum newspaper in Fargo, N.D., says since the Feb. 1 shuttle disaster over Texas, police in the small western Minnesota town have fielded hundreds of calls from people in southern states trying to report debris in their fields and yards.

NASA's (281) 483-3388 number is nearly identical to a second line at the Hawley police station -- (218) 483-3388, the Forum reports.

"I've never seen anything like this," Sgt. Tom Taylor Jr. told the paper. "You always get weird calls after bad things happen on a national scale, but this takes the cake."


Another piece of Princess Di memorabilia is being put up on the auction block next month, this one by the late owner's widow.

The London Telegraph reports Diana, Princess of Wales, sent a joke Valentine card to Sgt. Ronald Lewis, one of her most trusted servants, who has since passed away.

On the front it says, "Hey Valentine! Not many men will receive a card from Princess Diana."

Inside is written "And you're one of them."


Baylor University in Waco, Texas, has the real Valentine's Day deal -- love poems to Robert Browning from Elizabeth Barrett Browning, jewelry from their wedding and Robert's gift to Elizabeth on their first anniversary.

"Sonnets from the Portuguese," is one we remember for its verse "How Do I Love Thee?" -- words that could be called the ultimate Valentine.

Baylor's manuscript of the poem is one of only three copies believed to exist today.

The Browning love affair has been described as one of the greatest literary romances of all time. The two were married for 15 years when Elizabeth died in Robert's arms at their home in Florence, Italy.


Annika Sorenstam, the top woman golfer in the world, has been wooed by a half-dozen PGA tournament suitors and finally has settled on a date to hit the links with the men.

Sorenstam had said she would have to find the right course and then she would compete against her male counterparts. This week she finally accepted an invitation. She accepted an offer from The Colonial, May 22-25 in Fort Worth, Texas, where she will become the first woman in 58 years to compete against the top male golfers.

Sorenstam said in a statement, "For all the well-wishers who want to know why I would accept such a challenge, the answer is simple: I am curious to see if I can compete in a PGA Tour event."

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