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By KAREN BUTLER, United Press International
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The 28-year-old heartthrob who until recently played Matt Camden on the WB's hit series, "7th Heaven," has reportedly kicked Hodgkin's disease.


"(Barry Watson) got cancer-free about a month ago," Brenda Hampton, the show's executive producer, tells TV Guide Online. "He takes the last (chemotherapy) session Wednesday, and then hopefully, in about a month, he'll start looking great."

A popular subject for teen magazine covers, the handsome Michigan native announced last March he planned to leave the show to pursue other projects when his contract expired at the end of the 2001-02 season. In the May season finale, which drew 9 million viewers, Watson's character married his girlfriend, Sarah, and headed off to the Big Apple. Shortly after that episode aired, Watson announced he was suffering from Hodgkin's disease.


Some $4,000 in petty cash was stolen from David Letterman's "Late Show" offices Sunday.

The New York Daily News reports the theft went undetected until Monday, when one of the funnyman's assistants returned to work at the Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway and discovered her locked desk drawer had been broken into.


Police reviewed tape from a surveillance camera inside the "Late Show" studio and spotted the hooded bandit sneaking into a suite around 12:30 p.m. Sunday. The footage was cut short, however, because the crook cleverly covered the camera before prying open the drawer.

Also taken were a small change purse and the petty cash receipt book, items which reportedly have led police to suspect the theft was an inside job.

"Who else would know which drawer and in which office the petty cash is kept?" a source mused to the News.


"Everybody Loves Raymond" star Patricia Heaton has apologized to Michelle Pfeiffer for suggesting the actress has undergone plastic surgery.

Heaton says she was trying to be funny, not malicious, when she intimated to talk-show host David Letterman the 44-year-old "White Oleander" star has had a face-lift.

Although she did not name names in the now-infamous chat fest, Heaton complained to Letterman a "very famous actress" on the cover of a "big fashion magazine" is denying she has had any work done, even though Heaton says she spoke to the other woman's plastic surgeon.

Pfeiffer, who graces the cover of the new Harper's Bazaar, admits in the Harper's interview the idea of plastic surgery and Botox treatments scares her.


Heaton now tells the New York Daily News it is "erroneous" to believe she was talking about Pfeiffer to Letterman.

"In an attempt at being humorous, I made statements regarding an actress and plastic surgery that were completely fabricated," she admits. "I have since spoken with Michelle, and she has very graciously accepted my apology."

Pfeiffer's spokeswoman acknowledged Heaton's mea culpa, but warned: "This is serious. I don't want this to just be a joke that went awry."

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