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By JACK E. WILKINSON, United Press International  |  Oct. 3, 2002 at 10:43 AM
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What's new on home video...

"Brotherhood of the Wolf" -- Based loosely on fact, this is a tale of a fearsome 18th century beast terrorizing the isolated French countryside, apparently attacking at random and then vanishing. No one, it seems, ever sees it up close and survives. Common belief has it a wolflike demon. But Gregoire de Fronsac (Samuel Le Bihan), sent to the region to hunt down and kill the beast, believes there is something other than the devil at work and sets out to prove it, at great peril. Handled with style and quite entertaining, it has something for just about everybody. It is, for example, a horror story and an action adventure thriller with one martial arts showdown after another but also a fantasy, a love story, a tale of intrigue and politics and it's got an impressive monster. 2002. 155 minutes. Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Rated R (violence, gore, nudity, sex).

"Enough" -- Jennifer Lopez plays a former waitress named Slim in this erratic drama about an apparently ideal marriage that suddenly goes up in smoke. For five years, Slim seems to have it all: a loving and wealthy husband, Mitch (Billy Campbell), a daughter, a comfortable home. Suddenly, Mitch appears to take a huge mood swing, talks and acts differently, admits having a mistress and grows violent, starting to slap Slim around. Alarmed, she grabs the kid and runs but can't hide from Mitch. Finally, having had enough, J-Lo sets a trap. 2002. 115 minutes. Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment. Rated PG-13 (intense scenes of domestic violence, some sensuality and language).

"The Son's Room" -- Nanni Moretti's touching film tells of a happy, well-balanced Italian family torn asunder by tragedy and how the survivors make the long, slippery climb back. Moretti, likened to Woody Allen as a filmmaker in Italy, tackles a serious subject this time, one that comes across as quite real and involving, in a film he directed, co-wrote, co-produced and stars in as Giovanni, head of the family and a psychiatrist who practices out of his home. He has a warm, loving relationship with wife Paola (Laura Morante) and teenage children Andrea (Guiseppe Sanfelice) and Irene (Jasmine Trinca) but a sudden death in the family shatters that bliss and the others are left with numbing grief, anger and guilt as they try to pick up the pieces. 2001. 99 minutes. In Italian with English subtitles. Miramax Home Entertainment. Rated R (language, some sexuality).

"Jason X" -- Jason Voorhees just won't go away. The hulking hockey-masked killing machine of the Friday the 13th series is back for a 10th time in new surroundings, centuries in the future, but with the same old slice-and-dice routine. It's the year 2455. Earth is a wasteland (there's now an Earth II) and a space crew has found two cryogenically frozen bodies, one of them a big guy with a machete. Authorities had decided, way back in the 21st century, that the only way to stop Jason (Kane Hodder) was to freeze him but, accidentally, one of the scientists got caught in the process also. Both are thawed aboard the space ship, a big mistake as Jason immediately resumes his murderous rampage, killing everybody he can find, one by one, in a variety of gory ways, with many of his victims making it easy by wandering alone down dark corridors. Just like before. 2001. 93 minutes. New Line Home Entertainment. Rated R (strong horror violence, language and some sexuality).

"Beauty and the Beast: Special Edition" brings into the digital era the only animated film ever to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture with the DVD debut of Disney's splendid 1991 romantic fantasy. It also marks a return on VHS for the first time in 10 years. The restored and reformatted classic fairytale of girl-meets-beast, who's really a prince of a guy, never looked or sounded better. The frisky musical number "Human Again," which was not used in the original movie but impressed audiences in the Broadway stage production, has been inserted in one of three versions of the film included in the two-disc DVD lineup. Plus a bushel of other extras. 1991. 84 minutes. Animated. Walt Disney Home Entertainment. Rated G.


Coming up next: the crime thriller "Insomnia" with Al Pacino and Robin Williams, the live-action "Scooby-Doo" and the romantic comedy "Life Or Something Like It"... Billboard lists "Panic Room" as the nation's No. 1 rental but 'Monsters Inc." is charging hard...

"The Band of Brothers," HBO's epic 10-part World War II miniseries, will be coming to video Nov. 5, from Warner... Alfred Hitchcock's fascinating 1945 psychological thriller "Spellbound" with Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck, a memorable Miklos Rozsa score and a bizarre Dali dream sequence is making its DVD debut. As is "The Incredible Mr. Limpet," a 1964 family fantasy in which Don Knotts plays a milquetoast whose dream of becoming a fish comes true, enabling him to surface as a wartime hero...

From TV come two delightful Masterpiece Theatre films, Charles Dickens' "David Copperfield" and Edith Nesbit's "The Railway Children," released by WGBH Boston Video. Daniel ("Harry Porter") Radcliffe plays the title role in the popular Dickens classic, a lad trying to overcome a difficult childhood in Victorian England, joined in the cast by Maggie Smith and Bob Hoskins. "Children" tells of three Edwardian youngsters who move to the country where they become fascinated by a nearby railroad and faithfully wave at the passengers each day, a practice that has great rewards. Jenny Agutter, Richard Attenborough and Michael Kitchen star...

Vintage TV's funny ladies yuk it up once again with new video releases. Lucille Ball is spotlighted in "I Love Lucy: Season One, Volumes Three and Four" and "The 'I Love Lucy' 50th Anniversary Special" while Carol Burnett and her wacky crew cavort in "The Carol Burnett Show: Show Stoppers," both from Paramount, and Fox has the first season of the "Mary Tyler Moore Show" in a four-disc DVD set.

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