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By DICK KELSEY, United Press International  |  Aug. 14, 2002 at 3:00 AM
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The anniversary of Elvis Presley's death and the marriage of daughter Lisa Marie to actor Nicholas Cage just six days apart is not the only near-similarity of The King and his new son-in-law.

The New York Daily News put together "Elvis vs. Nick: Tale Of The Tape," which includes:

- Elvis was born Jan. 8, 1935; Cage was born Jan. 7, 1964.

- Elvis starred in "Viva Las Vegas;" Cage starred in "Leaving Las Vegas" and Honeymoon in Vegas."

- Elvis recorded "Blue Moon in Kentucky;" Cage starred in "Moonstruck."

- Elvis was the King of Rock 'n Roll; Cage played an action hero in "The Rock."

- Elvis' top-grossing film was "Blue Hawaii;" Cage married Lisa Marie in Hawaii.

- Elvis fell in love with a woman named Peggy in "Jailhouse Rock;" Cage fell in love with a woman named Peggy in "Peggy Sue Got Married."

- Elvis visited a Republican president at the White House in 1970; Cage visited a Republican at the White House in 2001.


No matter what the recording industry says, downloading copyrighted music is not to blame for a 15 percent drop in music sales over the past two years.

Forrester Research study results released Tuesday said surveys found "no evidence of decreased (compact disc) CD buying among frequent digital music consumers."

What's more, Forrester predicted, digital music revenues will reach $2 billion by 2007 through a download standard that enables music lovers to find, copy and pay for songs easily -- and on their own terms.

The recording industry contends illegal downloads of music via services, such as Napster, have hurt sales of CDs and taken money from the pockets of artists.


A Los Angeles judge on Tuesday put off setting a trial date for actress Winona Ryder, who was arrested for shoplifting and drug possession last December.

Ryder attorney Mark Geragos said he has evidence showing Ryder had a prescription for the painkiller Percoset found in her possession when she was arrested for stealing $6,000 in goods from Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills.

The actress has pleaded innocent to the charges. Superior Court Judge Elden Fox scheduled an Aug. 26 hearing to set a trial date and discuss evidence that will be allowed at Ryder's trial.


The former son-in-law of reality TV show neophyte Anna Nicole Smith says a stunt she pulled on Sunday night's show was a disgrace to the memory of his father -- and the man who left her millions.

The episode showed Smith and her lawyer parading through her home carrying an urn that holds the ashes of her late ex-husband, J. Howard Marshall.

His remains were at the center of a long legal dispute that ended with Smith, after five years, finally picking up the ashes out of fear that not doing so would hurt her chances to inherit her late husband's estate.

Marshall's son, E. Pierce, says whomever was behind the production of that segment of the show "should be ashamed."

But he adds the program gives the public a chance to see something other than "the phony image" Smith's attorney has portrayed.

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