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By JACK E. WILKINSON, United Press International  |  Aug. 1, 2002 at 11:50 AM
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What's new in the world of home video...


"Deuces Wild" -- Youth gangs clash on the streets of Brooklyn, mid-1950s, familiar scene, familiar story. Leon (Stephen Dorff), leader of the Deuces gang, is trying to keep drugs out of his neighborhood, keep the peace with the rival Vipers and protect his hot-headed kid brother (Brad Renfro), who obliges by falling for the sister of a Viper. But things get ugly real quickly after the head of the Vipers gets out of jail and comes looking for revenge. A violent, reasonably entertaining turf war tale that wanders into "West Side Story" territory where it definitely doesn't belong. 2002. 96 minutes. MGM Home Entertainment. Rated R (strong violence, language, some drug content, brief sexuality).

"The Business of Strangers" -- An intriguing little drama abut two women on opposite ends of the corporate ladder whose unlikely bonding can only lead to trouble. Julie (Stockard Channing) has just learned she's the new CEO and in a celebratory mood, asks her temporary assistant Paula (Julia Stiles), a company newcomer, to join her for a drink. Over the next few hours they swap stories and pranks and seem to gain each other's trust until Paula, whose stories often have a false ring to them and whose motives are unclear, talks Julie into a bit of frisky revenge that leads to something criminal. 2002. 85 minutes. MGM Home Entertainment. Rated R (strong language, some sexuality).

"Super Troopers" -- The comedy troupe Broken Lizard masquerades as bumble-brained highway patrol troopers stationed in a little Vermont town where they hassle motorists, each other and the equally oafish city cops in this goofy, sometimes funny, often silly bit of fluff. In between their pranks and penchant for screwing up, the boys must face the probability they'll soon be out of business because of a shortage of funds. Their only hope is to make the locals look bad, an easy feat -- for almost anybody but these bozos. And, you thought "Police Academy" had let out for good. 2002. 100 minutes. Fox Home Entertainment. Rated R (language, sexual content, drug use).

"K-9: P.I." -- Detective Thomas Dooley (James Belushi) and his uncanny canine Jerry Lee are back for another go at it in this easy-to-take but so-so sequel. Dooley is now retired and a private eye, which gets him involved in all sorts of tricky -- and predictable -- situations, usually saved by Jerry Lee, a handsome, talented German shepherd, romping to the rescue. The dog's a corker but saving this picture is a taller order. 2002. 106 minutes. Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Rated PG-13.


Coming up: "Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring" and "In the Bedroom," an epic and an epoch, two finely constructed, widely different films, both nominated for a Best Picture Oscar... Also, Robert DeNiro and Eddie Murphy mix it up in the comedy-drama "Showtime"...

Video dealers are gearing for an expected onslaught of customers when "Lord of the Rings" is released next week. New Line is hoping for the kind of business that saw 11.4 million copies of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," worth close to $200 million, sold in a little over a month...

The week's top videos, according to various reports, are "Shallow Hal," "John Q." and "The Royal Tenenbaums"... Warner is releasing a 50th anniversary edition of "Singin' in the Rain" in a double-disc DVD special edition "with a torrent of extras" on Sept. 24... Variety says Miramax Films has inked a deal to release the first two seasons of MTV's surprise hit "The Osbournes" on DVD and VHS. The show's first season, in censored and uncensored versions, is expected in November, about the time the second season kicks off...

Sure, much of it ranges from improbable to impossible but that really doesn't matter because "Speed" is free-wheelin' fun. Rookie Director Jan De Bont's fast-paced 1994 bomb-on-a-bus thriller made a star of Sandra Bullock and an action hero of stoic Keanu Reeves. Now it's back in an impressive two-disc DVD edition called "Speed: Five-Star Collection" with a wide-screen version of the film backed by a host of extras dissecting the movie and its spectacular action sequences...

Magnificent. That's a fitting description of the latest IMAX releases on DVD. "Survival Island," David Attenborough's first foray into the IMAX format, is centered on the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia, where millions of animals return each year for breeding, among them huge numbers of penguins, elephant and fur seals and albatross. It's the only land for thousands of square miles suitable for breeding. "Into The Deep" and "Galapagos" are fascinating underwater studies with glimpses of a world never before seen by the human eye.

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