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HOLLYWOOD, July 31 (UPI) -- On the eve of the 40th annual observance of the death of Marilyn Monroe Aug. 5, it is comforting to those who admired Hollywood's memorable glamour girl to learn she is happy at last.

That's according to Kenny Kingston, Tinseltown's reliable psychic and medium to the spirits of "those who have passed over to Paradise."


This week Kingston held a seance at his Hollywood Hills home for 10 of his friends and clients who called on the spirit of Marilyn Monroe to come forth from "the other side."

A friendly, relaxed Kingston, accompanied by Valerie Porter, his companion of 23 years, recalled the most salient comment Marilyn made during the seance.

"Marilyn wanted everyone to know that she has been reunited with Joe DiMaggio, her second husband, and that they are both very happy together in Paradise," Kingston reported.

Porter nodded her agreement and said, "She was wearing a powder-blue diaphanous gown that added to her special aura."

"Six of the 10 people at the seance were aware of her presence," Kingston said, grinning. "It was a most happy visit for all of us.


"She said she and Joe realized all too well they were soul mates drawn to each other as they were here among us before they were drawn apart by circumstances beyond their control.

"As I recall Marilyn said they would both be reborn about 2008 so they can finish their relationship together."

According to Kingston, both Marilyn and Joe are planning to be reborn or reincarnated to inhabit this earthly plane yet again to help other people.

Neither Kingston nor Porter nor any of the others at the seance thought to ask whether Marilyn and Joe hoped to meet again on Earth or where and how they might be reincarnated; or even if they hoped to time their rebirth together.

Apparently most mere mortals, when put in touch with shades from "the other side," lose their ability to ask questions that might come naturally to a newsman.

Kingston was the only person present who knew Marilyn.

The thought provoked the world-famed psychic to say, "This very table we are sitting at and these chairs belonged to Marilyn when she was married to Joe and living in San Francisco. She gave them to me.

"Marilyn did say that when Princess Diana arrived in Paradise she was greeted by the Duchess of Windsor (Wallace Simpson) who was married to the Prince of Wales who became King Edward VIII.


"Think about it -- as Marilyn explained to me they had a great deal in common. They were snubbed and ostracized by England's royal family.

"Naturally, they were simpatico."

Marilyn also said she has become (actress) Melanie Griffith's guardian angel.

It figures. Melanie is more like Marilyn than any other actress on the planet, physically and spiritually, according to Kingston.

They are both knockout blondes with breathtaking figures, high-pitched but soft, almost childlike voices and a profound innocence of manner that men find incredibly sexy and women find non-threatening.

"Marilyn said (actor) Antonio Banderas is absolutely wrong for Melanie and that some day Melanie will return to her real soul mate -- (actor) Don Johnson, her first husband," said Kingston.

According to Marilyn, Melanie will not have to wait, as she did, to pass over to the other side before reuniting with the love of her life.

Kingston believes there is a symbiosis between the two actresses, a shared mystical sex appeal.

Regarding his psychic meetings with those who have passed over, Kingston said, "I just take information from these people. I don't question them.

"For instance Marilyn said President Harry Truman was ticked off that Donald Trump was not nominated for the presidency."


This bit of information was apropos of absolutely nothing, perhaps demonstrating how easy it is in paradise to bump into celebrated shades from every walk of life.

If Marilyn also had encountered John F. Kennedy in Paradise, she made no mention of their meeting at this particular seance.

Kingston was quick to add that Marilyn had admitted in previous visits to this coil from the great beyond that she did in fact have a romantic liaison with JFK but not with his brother Bobby.

"Marilyn is not as newsworthy to the media these days as she was during her lifetime," the psychic said. "That's hard to understand."

Kingston was right. Marilyn Monroe was the single most electrifying personality in Hollywood during the 20th century.

It was more than a sexual aura, wide-eyed innocence and waiflike vulnerability that touched the hearts of those who knew and loved her.

Even in repose she possessed a glowing jolt of femininity, a vibrant quality and symbol of profound womanhood.

Time and distance have not diminished that unique and wondrous sorcery.

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