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By ALEX CUKAN, United Press International  |  June 6, 2002 at 4:30 AM
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Two British teenage boys, ages 11 and 14, were rescued from the Exe Estuary, suffering from exhaustion after being stuck in the mud for nearly seven hours.

The boys had been desperately trying to find their way out of the area after a shortcut from a fishing trip went wrong, the Exeter Express and Echo reports.

The younger boy, who was stuck up to his thighs in mud, could not walk because the pressure of the mud squeezed the circulation in his legs, numbing them. He had to be removed from the scene on a stretcher.

The British coast guards that rescued the terrified boys in an inflatable boat say the situation could have been much worse if there had been a spring tide.

"Fortunately the water was low and the tide was going out," said coast guard Andy Rodger.

The teens told rescuers they had been fishing from the riverbank but when the rising tide caught them they decided to walk back along the bank with their bicycles.


A would-be stunt man in Milwaukee set himself on fire for a home movie but the camera's battery died before his friends could film him, the Web site Ananova says.

Elliott Glapa, 19, doused the flames in Lake Michigan, but was arrested by police on suspected alcohol-related violations.

Police said Glapa told them he was an adrenaline junkie and wanted to be a stunt man but he didn't think his actions were dangerous because he had taken the proper precautions.

He'd covered his hands and face with petroleum jelly, was wearing a facemask and two layers of heavy clothing, and had wet one of the layers first. He was unhurt.

South Milwaukee police Capt. Dan Danek says "Kids who do this type of thing when they watch it on TV and should pay more attention when it says, 'Don't try this at home.'"

Danek says that after 10 years on the job, a police officer starts to feel he has seen everything, but that he never saw anything like the stunt attempt before.

Glapa defended himself by saying he wasn't harming anybody but himself. He was arrested and given a municipal citation on allegations of underage possession and consumption of alcohol.


Former President Bill Clinton, in Ireland to dedicate the William J. Clinton International Peace Center in Enniskillen, told well-wishers he has decided to name his new puppy "Saemus," ABCNEWS reports.

The chocolate Labrador puppy was born in February, a month after the former president's old dog Buddy had been killed by a car on a busy road outside Clinton's Chappaqua, N.Y, house.

Saemus is Buddy's great nephew. Clinton told reporters he plans to take his new puppy home to Chappaqua in a few weeks. The dog is still at the Wild Goose Kennels in Federalsburg, Md.

Clinton still tells people how much he misses Buddy.

The Clinton Center in Northern Ireland will focus on peace-building and on religious reconciliation in Ireland and overseas.

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