By DENNIS DAILY, United Press International  |  May 30, 2002 at 4:37 PM
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There is a report that comedian Jerry Seinfeld -- who effectively took the money and ran after his long-running, highly rated sitcom went dark -- may be returning to television. But, according to Variety, his return may be in the form of a narrator, not as an on-screen comedian. ABC is reportedly working on a pilot for a weekly half-hour comedy, tentatively titled "Letters From a Nut." It would be based on the hot-selling series of comedy books by Ted L. Nancy. The introductions to the show would be done by Seinfeld. Few other details have been released about the project. Seinfeld was last in the news when he announced he was spending big bucks to build his own parking garage near his Manhattan town house. It would be both a money-making venture and provide a place to house his growing collection of classic cars.


The latest major contribution by computer mogul Bill Gates and his wife Melinda is a soon-to-be-opened center for physically disabled children in China. According to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a Seattle-area group, the gift is for nearly $3 million. The center was set up about 450 miles south of the Chinese capital city. The facility will be empowered to help secure adoptions for crippled children in China. The Gates grant will allow the center to operate for about three years. After that time there are provisions for the operation of the center to be taken over by the Chinese government.


A major concert date has been announced for Luciano Pavarotti. Representatives of the Phoenix Symphony confirm that the rotund singer will perform with that group on September 20. The concert date's ticket prices have also been announced ... $40 to $300. Pavarotti, who recently was in the headlines for not being well enough to fulfill an obligation to sing in the closing opera of this year's Met season in NYC, is now in his 41st year of professional concert and opera performance. In reporting on the announcement, the Tucson Citizen noted that the appearance will be the first in Arizona for the popular member of the Three Tenors since 1985. The publication goes on to add that Pavarotti has done more to promote "the art of the tenor" than anyone since Caruso.


During the week when the late Pres. John F. Kennedy would have turned 85, CBS is reporting that salvagers think they may have found the remains of his famous PT-109, the Navy vessel that was cut in two by a pair of Japanese cruisers during WWII. Kennedy was in command of the boat at the time. He managed to swim to shore, dragging an injured comrade with him. The incident became legendary in the Kennedy family and was the centerpiece of a movie, starring Cliff Robertson as JFK. It was released just months before Kennedy's death in Dallas on 11/22/63. Now comes word via CBS that veteran ocean explorer Robert Ballard has told broadcasters in the Solomon Islands that he thinks he's found remains of JFK's ship. Ballard, best remembered for finding the wreck of the Titanic, provided few details of his find.


The foul-mouthed rapper you love to hate, Eminem, is, according to a new poll conducted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, extremely talented but really gross. The survey of readers was published in conjunction with an article by entertainment reporter Craig Seymour. He notes that even though the rapper seems to push the envelope even further in his latest CD, "The Eminem Show," he does it with an increasing degree of musicality. The "singer" seems to be more and more becoming the "golden boy" of adolescents, themselves seeing how far they can push the envelope without getting caught.


It's no secret that it might not be the best idea to invite former Los Angeles Police Chief Bernard Parks and current mayor Jim Hahn to the same function. After all, it was Hahn who scuttled Parks' bid for a second term as the head of the LAPD. Now, a private citizen again, Parks has decided to enter city politics. Could this be the first step on the way to seeking the mayor's chair? All-news station KNX in L.A. is reporting that Parks has filed papers that will allow him to set up a campaign committee to run for city council. Even though some pundits think that the mayor's chair is his ultimate goal, in filing the proper papers to run for the lesser job he sounded like a true council wannabe, talking more about the street conditions in his local (8th) district than city politics. Parks is now 58.


Here's today's question: "On an average week, of the 21 meals you are "supposed" to eat (three-a-day), how many are eaten at restaurants or on the run?" Put MEAL in the subject line and send to via the Internet.


Last week, in keeping with one of the week's biggest news stories, we asked if you ever thought Chandra Levy would be located and your other feelings on the matter. Well, for the first time in recent memory, no one responded to the question. I asked a friend about this turn of events and he reminded me that most of my readers agree that we shouldn't talk about religion or politics and that maybe I had gotten into too controversial an area. So, let's save some ink today and just say ... TOMORROW: We tie up some loose ends.

A SPECIAL NOTE: Just wanted to wish a happy birthday to Bob Hope, who, according to his official biography turned 99 Wednesday. But we all know, don't we, that old Ski Nose is actually 101. But that's another story. Regardless of his age, he's a national treasure and I forgot to mention it in the previous report. GBA.

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