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By DENNIS DAILY, United Press International   |   May 17, 2002 at 4:00 AM
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(CHICAGO) -- A new report on electronic scanners shows that some 58 percent of retail stores in Chicago have overcharged their customers. According to a survey conducted by city consumer agencies, the overcharges have been as low as a single cent and as much as $30. The overcharges, said to be the result of problems in the high-tech price-checking equipment, were most evident in drug stores.

The canvass shows that some 67 Walgreen stores and 48 Coscos had defective scanners.

The highest mistake registered in the survey was done by a scanner at an Office Depot store. A device advertised at costing $9.99 rang up at $39.96. A Radio Shack store had the second-worst machine, charging nearly $50 for an item marked as costing $24.99.

(BUTTE, Mont.) -- City officials in Butte, Mont., say they are honoring native son Evel Knievel with a special week of his own. Also, one of today's most famous stuntmen will attempt an Evel-esque feat.

The Montana Standard says Spanky Spangler will jump from the top of the nine-story Finlen Hotel while on fire. The stunt will be a climax to Evel Knievel Week in Butte.

A special exhibit, showing memorabilia from Knievel's career, will also be shown in the Piccadilly Museum on Broadway. Videos of some of the famous motorcycle stuntman's career will also be shown. For more information, check out knievelweek.com on the Internet.

(BIRMINGHAM, Ala.) -- The streets of Alabama's capital city are about to ring with one of the nation's newest big music festivals. Planners of City Stages 2002 tell the Post-Herald that among the groups that will be performing is the rock group Alabama ... quite appropriately.

Among others on the agenda: Dwight Yoakam, OutKast, Cake, Sugar Ray, Los Lobos, David Grisman Quintet, the Isley Brothers and Stone City Band.

The events will be staged in the city's downtown sector this weekend. A $30 weekend pass will allow music fans access to all the events and venues.

(MIAMI) -- Approval has been given for developers to go ahead with a new sports-themed retail complex on the Miami waterfront without taking competitive bids. The site for the project is just east of the American Airlines Arena.

A just-passed measure will allow Dade County to create an agreement with the company Basketball Properties to build a 70,000-square-foot complex on 4.5 acres adjacent to the existing arena.

The project would be both residential and commercial. It could be completed in two years. Official permission to proceed could come in about two months.

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