Today in Music: A look back at pop music

(May 15)

Today's birthdays include country singer Eddy Arnold, who was born in 1918 (age 84); Trini Lopez in 1937 (age 65); Little River Band guitarist Graham Goble in 1947 (age 55); Brian Eno in 1948 (age 54); Toto's Dennis Fredericksen in 1951 (age 51); Mike Oldfield of "Tubular Bells" fame in 1953 (age 49); and Ahmet Zappa, one of the late Frank Zappa's sons and lead singer of the group Z, in 1974 (age 28).


Today's musical milestones:

In 1965, two groups had their first hit singles -- the Yardbirds with "For Your Love" and the Byrds with "Mr. Tamborine Man."

In 1971, two films made by John Lennon and Yoko Ono -- "Apotheosis" and "Fly" -- were shown at the Cannes International Film Festival in France.

In 1973, the Pointer Sisters made their live debut.

In 1974, Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman became the first Stone to release a solo album, "Monkey Grip." He would not be the last.

In 1987, a judge in Brooklyn, N.Y., ruled that a $20 million civil lawsuit against Boy George would be heard in the United States. The suit was filed by the parents of a musician who died of a heroin overdose at George's home in Britain.


In 1988, Led Zeppelin reunited at the Atlantic Records 40th anniversary bash in New York -- with the late John Bonham's son, Jason, on drums.

In 1993, Duran Duran performed an "interactive" concert in Los Angeles that was beamed live to London; Tokyo; Sydney, Australia; and Berlin. Fans at the remote sites could ask the rockers questions and request songs.

In 1995, R.E.M. resumed the concert tour interrupted two months earlier by drummer Bill Berry's aneurysm and brain surgery.

Also in 1995, Stone Temple Pilots lead singer Scott Weiland was arrested on drug possession charges in Pasadena, Calif.

And in 1995, a rare guitar was stolen from Cranberries guitarist Noel Hogan during a melee at a free concert in Washington, D.C.

And in 1995, "I Swear" -- written by Gary Baker and Frank Myers -- was named song of the year at the ASCAP annual awards dinner in Los Angeles.

In 1997, Muzak announced it was adding four instrumental versions of KISS songs to its playlist.

In 2000, Entertainment Weekly reported that Korn's lead singer Jonathan Davis had teamed up with composer Richard Gibbs to write a full orchestral score for "Queen of the Damned," a movie based on the Anne Rice vampire novel of the same name. Davis was also writing songs for Lestat, the movie's blood-sucking rock star character, to lip-synch.


Today's musical quiz:

Frank Zappa's highest-charting pop single was this novelty tune, recorded with daughter Moon Unit. What was the title? Answer: "Valley Girl."

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