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By PENNY NELSON BARTHOLOMEW, United Press International  |  April 22, 2002 at 6:23 AM
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A dog left behind last month on a crippled Indonesian oil tanker adrift near Hawaii is alive and well and could be rescued sometime soon.

A U.S. Coast Guard aircraft spotted the Insiko 1907 late Saturday and dropped a can filled with food for the hapless pooch, named Forgea. It was filled with granola bars, pizza slices and even oranges hurriedly collected by the Coast Guard crew.

"We saw the dog running from one end of the bridge wing to the other," the plane's co-pilot, Lt. Chris Shivery, told the Honolulu Advertiser. "He was definitely very much alive and apparently fairly healthy."

A passing cruise ship had left Forgea behind April 2 when the crew was taken off the Insiko during a late-night rescue. The 265-foot refueling tanker had been adrift without power since March 13 when a fire destroyed the engine room and killed one crewman.

A Coast Guard spokesman told UPI that they did not plan to mount a rescue effort themselves but had provided the Insiko's location to the Hawaiian Humane Society, which had previously tried without success to locate the tanker and recover the 2-year-old dog.


Folks took time off from work and children missed school in Sitka, Alaska, last week in order to take a once-in-a-lifetime peek at a rarely seen giant squid that was hauled in by two cod fishermen.

More than 2,000 people gathered under sunny spring skies to marvel at the 12-foot-long creature stretched out on the deck of the Kelsey Dawn. "It was quite a menagerie," Deputy Harbormaster Lou McCall told the Anchorage Daily News.

At one point, McCall said, the weight of the crowd began to sink the floating dock. "I had to get some viewing rules in place," he laughed. "I lined people up and only let a few go at a time."

Kevin Kambak and Anthony Sine hauled the squid in on a line used to catch black cod and halibut living at depths around 2,000 feet. Kambak told the newspaper that as he pulled in a 150-pound halibut from the frigid waters, he saw something brown clinging to the fish. "I thought it was an octopus," he said. "Then, I was leaning over the side, and I thought, 'this isn't right, there's a 5-foot-long head.'"

The squid apparently attacked the halibut as it was being reeled in and gnawed on it all the way to the surface. Surprisingly, the halibut survived and was set free, apparently none the worse for wear.

The squid is believed to be a member of the giant Pacific squid species, one of the smaller of the 10 giant squid species known to exist. The larger breeds are believed to live in waters 3,500 feet deep and can grow to lengths of 60 feet.

The squid was packed off last Friday to the University of Washington, where marine scientists planned to examine it. "People are going crazy down here," Ted Pietsch, curator of the university's fish collection, told the newspaper.


Eminem dresses up like Osama bin Laden and spoofs "The Sally Jesse Raphael Show" in the video for his new single "Without Me."

A spokesman for his Interscope Records tells MTV News that the rapper shot the clip for the first single from "The Eminem Show" in Los Angeles the weekend of April 13-14. Dr. Dre, D12 and Obie Trice, a new Shady Records artist, appear in the video.

"Without Me" is scheduled to debut on radio later this month and on an episode of MTV's "Making the Video" in early May. "The Eminem Show" hits stores in June.

Eminem and D12 are scheduled to perform on "Saturday Night Live" on May 11.


MONDAY: Today through April 28 is National Park Week, National Playground Safety Week, National TV Turnoff Week and National Wildlife Week.

This is Confederate Memorial Day in Alabama.

And it's Discovery of Brazil Day in Brazil, which was discovered back in 1500.

TUESDAY: Today through April 30 is Education Advocacy Week. (Web site: edadvocate.com)

This is St. George Feast Day. He's the guy from the "St. George and the dragon" legend.

Today is Canada Book Day in Canada.

It's Book Day and Lover's Day in Spain.

Turkey celebrates National Sovereignty and Children's Day today.

And the United Nations observes World Book and Copyright Day.

WEDNESDAY: Today is Administrative Professionals Day, formerly known as Secretaries Day. (Web site: iaap-hq.org)

And Armenia observes Armenian Martyrs Day, commemorating the massacre of Armenians under the Ottoman Turks in 1915.

THURSDAY: This is Take Our Daughters To Work Day. (Web site: takeourdaughterstowork.org)

Australia, New Zealand and Samoa celebrate ANZAC Day today.

It's Sinai Day in Egypt, commemorating the return of the Sinai to Egyptian control in 1982 following the peace treaty with Israel.

Iceland celebrates the "First Day of Summer" with general festivities today.

This is Liberation Day in Italy, commemorating the country's liberation from the Germans in 1945.

Today is Liberty Day in Portugal, marking the anniversary of the 1974 revolution.

And it's National Flag Day in Swaziland.

FRIDAY: Today is National Arbor Day.

It's also Hug A Prom Sponsor Day (Web site: stumpsparty.com) and Hug An Australian Day (Web site: wellcat.com).

This is National Hairball Awareness Day. Of course, if you have cats, EVERY day can be hairball awareness day. (Web site: hillspet.com)

Today is Richter Scale Day, commemorating American seismologist Charles Francis Richter, who developed the scale that bears his name by which to measure an earthquake's magnitude.

It's Confederate Memorial Day in Florida and Georgia.

This is Common Prayer Day, "Store Bededag," in Denmark and Union Day in Tanzania.

(Thanks to Chase's 2002 Calendar of Events)


His embalmed body has been viewed by millions of visitors to Moscow's Red Square. Who?

Russian revolutionary leader Nikolai Lenin, born on this date in 1870. His glass coffin is on view in Lenin's Mausoleum.

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