By DENNIS DAILY, United Press International  |  Feb. 22, 2002 at 5:38 PM
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Recently we reported that filming on the latest James Bond movie had been halted because its star, Pierce Brosnan, had suffered a "mystery accident." At the time, some published reports thought he might have injured a knee during a stunt "in water." Now come reports that it was indeed a knee injury and that the actor was hurt during a scene involving a hovercraft. The movie apparently takes place in North Korea, but a British coastal location was being used as a stand-in locale. The movie, tentatively called "Bond 20," is being shot "around" Brosnan. The actor may need as much as two weeks to recuperate enough to resume shooting. The film, unless there are further delays, has been set for a Thanksgiving release.


Actress-activist Marlo Thomas has done her late father proud with the production of a new documentary film about people helping people. Gossip columnist Liz Smith says Thomas has put together the effort for the Lifetime cable network. For the film she totally changes her appearance, donning a yellow wig and pretending to be a tourist from Germany ... lost and confused in downtown Manhattan. What she discovered was not necessarily what she anticipated. Few, if any, people stopped to help as she stood struggling with a huge map of New York City and mumbling in mock German. Finally one man stopped to ask if she needed help. When Thomas asked the man why he wanted to help her he apparently said: " ... because you're a blonde -- and you're lost!"


Three-chord rockers ZZ Top have agreed to appear on Country Music Television's "Crossroads" show next month in a joint session with Brooks & Dunn. Producers of the show, which is making news by staging encounters with artists from differing music genres, say that the two very much different acts will swap songs, each performing some of the other's music. Some of the pre-production has already taken place. Studio engineers tell that it has "been a lot of laughs," so far. ZZ Top made a major appearance at the ongoing Houston Rodeo this week. It was the first time the group had made a major public appearance since singer-bassist Dusty Hill was diagnosed with hepatitis C in the summer of 2000. The full encounter between the country and rock groups will take place in a Nashville studio and will be aired in late April on CMT.


A judge in Florida has told former daredevil Evel Knievel and his former wife to stay as far away from each other as possible. Court records in Clearwater, Fla., show that the former Mrs. Knievel, 32-year-old Krystal Kennedy, sought an injunction against the 63-year-old stuntman. When learning of the action, Eval Knievel went to court and countersued. Krystal Kennedy-Knievel charges that Evel was abusive and bombarded her with threatening phone calls. The judge hearing the dueling injunctions ordered each to not contact the other for the next four years.


When fight fans converge on Washington in early June to see Mike Tyson fight Lennox Lewis, they may find hotel and motel space in short supply. And, according to the New York Post, the reason is that another group will be in the nation's capital in large numbers. It seems, according to the publication, that the "convicted rapist" and his handlers unknowingly picked a week when more than 100,000 Girl Scouts will also be in Washington for a major convention. It will be the Scouts' 90th annual meeting and a huge festival is planned for the National Mall. Dyed-in-the-wool Tyson fans and all-American Girl Scouts. Should be an interesting mix of visitors.


It's hard to believe that twinkie twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are quickly leaving their cutesy teen image and looking more like sirens, but, time goes on. Alas, when do you make the transition from teen to temptress on the screen? It's a problem that has faced child stars from day one. Total Movie and Entertainment magazine reports that if some of the twins' handlers had had their way, the Olsen's latest direct-to-video effort would have been much more "adult" than it turned out to be. The publication says that screenwriter Brent Goldberg's original script for "Holiday in the Sun" had Mary-Kate and Ashley doing some very adult things during a summer vacation in the Bahamas. His plans were axed and the twins remain kids, at least for one more movie outing.


It seems you can't turn on the radio or TV without seeing some kind of ad for an antacid or two. So, today's question (if it's not too personal): "How often do you take something for indigestion? As you're getting older do foods refuse to cooperate?" Put INDIGESTION in the subject line and send to via the Internet.


Last week, in light of several items in the news about mistreatment of animals, we asked your feelings on the subject. Here is a small sampling of the ton of replies we got: Several of you say you work for groups that help homeless or abused animals. Among those saying they like to help is DD. She says she belongs "to a Chihuahua rescue group that has come across some real horrors. I for one feel that jail time and similar treatment should be given out to these monsters. The government needs to take a good long serious look at animal cruelty." Thanks, DD. IRM says that psychologists have long known there is a correlation between the way people treat animals and they way they treat other humans. Many grade school teachers now look for signs of animal abuse as a way to judge the future actions of their students, vis-a-vis other people. RTM (a frequent responder) was surprised I even asked the question about animal rights. He notes that "we humans aren't the only species on earth ... we just act like it." Several, including Tara Lynn, noted that they are believers in animal rights and are vegetarians for that reason. Well, unless it slipped through the cracks, I could not find a single anti-animal response. MONDAY: A look at automated checkouts. Have a great weekend. GBA.

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