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By United Press International  |  Nov. 7, 2001 at 4:45 AM
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Reviewers are giving rave ratings to the first Harry Potter movie. "Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone" opened in London amid great hoopla and a ton of media interviews for 12-year-old Daniel Radcliffe, star of the film.

According to movies.com, a cadre of heavyweights showed up for the premiere. In the audience were Sting, Cher, the Duchess of York and actress Cate Blanchett.

One reviewer called it "Willy Wonka for the new millennium ..." The Daily Mail's Baz Bamigboye predicts the movie will out-gross "Titanic." It's set to open here in the United States in less than two weeks. Get your tickets early.

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Brad Pitt, who by most standards pretty much has it all, remembers a time when he didn't feel so hot about himself -- and even went through therapy to deal with his issues.

In the new issue of Vanity Fair, Pitt said the decision to seek help was complicated by his Missouri upbringing "where you had to be crazy to go to a doctor."

He wouldn't say when he underwent therapy, but he said the decision came at a low point in his life.

"I crashed and burned," he said, "so I wanted to understand how I operate."

The magazine also quoted Pitt as saying he has "thought about pulling a Mariah Carey" -- a reference to the singer's well-publicized nervous breakdown earlier this year. But Pitt quickly added: "I was just joking."

Pitt is on the promotion trail to plug two new movies. He stars with Robert Redford in "Spy Game," directed by his "Se7en" and "Flight Club" director, David Fincher. In December, Pitt shares the screen with George Clooney and Julia Roberts in Steven Soderbergh's remake of the 1960 Rat Pack comedy-caper, "Ocean's Eleven."

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William Shatner will boldly go into cyberspace this Thursday (at 12 noon EST) to chat online with fans (at startrek.com). The actor --- best known as Capt. Kirk on the classic "Star Trek" TV series and in seven movies -- will be discussing his career as well as his new video "Mind Meld: Secrets Behind the Voyage of a Lifetime."

The 75-minute video features an unprecedented candid conversation between Shatner and his "Trek" co-star, Leonard Nimoy, in which they share with each other, and the viewers, the behind-the-scenes adventures of one of the greatest franchises in entertainment history.


A DVD featuring the popular U.S. cartoon "The Powerpuff Girls" has become the first DVD to spread a computer virus.

Warner Bros. has recalled all versions of the disc with the "Meet the Beat Alls" episode on it. The virus, called Funlove, corrupts Windows files and makes it more likely that a computer will crash. The virus spreads when a user places one of the infected DVDs into a computer disc drive.

Graham Cluley, a spokesman for anti-virus company Sophos, told the BBC: "Funlove has been around for a couple of years, which suggests that the people producing the DVD may not have been running up-to-date anti-virus software."

There have been several documented cases of companies unwittingly distributing viruses through CD-ROMs and downloaded software, including discs included free with magazines.

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