Advertisement Stewart Granger, born 5/6/1913, died 8/16/1993, born James Lablache Stewart, English film actor, heroic and romantic leading roles, tall, dark, dignified, handsome, popular leading man in the 1940s 1950s and 1960s, obliged to change his name to avoid being confused with American actor James Stewart, Jimmy

Actor Stewart Granger plays Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, for a TV movie

Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, is portrayed by an old friend, actor Stewart Granger, in a CBS-TV movie, "The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana," on September 20, 1982. Granger, 69, gray-haired, tanned, handsome, and still a British subject, enjoyed playing the Queen's consort. (UPI Photo/BIS/handout/Files)