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New dinosaur skeletons
CHI2000011301 - 13 JANUARY 2000 - CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA: Uncovered in Niger's " dinosaurs' graveyard" Afrovenator abakensis, or " African Hunter from In Abaka", is the most complete skeleton of a Cretaceous theropod ever found in Africa. Theropods are bipedal, carnivorous dinosaurs with short strong front limbs used for grasping and tearing flesh. Their three-toed hind limbs were built for running and their long tails were designed for balancing. The Afrovenator skull has rows of long, blade-shaped teeth for slicing into prey. " Dinosaur Giants" is the first-ever public display of three enormous dinosaurs giants of a previously undiscovered nature. The dinosaurs were recently disovered by paleontologist Dr. Paul Seren of the University of Chicago. The exhibit marks the first public unveiling of Dr. Sereno's latest dinosaur discovery at Navy Pier Chicago, January 13. jr/raf/Ray Foli UPI

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New dinosaur skeletons
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