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A Truck Loads Coal At A Mine In West Virginia
A truck loads coal at an United Mine Workers coal mine in Pond Fork, Boone County, in southern West Virginia, March 13, 2016. Coal is a fossil fuel, which has suffered a significant decline in recent years, resulting in price drops and loss of jobs with mines closing. The broad scientific consensus that carbon emissions drive global warming has brought stricter EPA regulations as energy shifts to renewable, cleaner energy. Also the advances in natural gas has made shale gas more economically viable. The price of metallurgical coal used in steel production has gone from $300 a ton to $80 to $90 a ton, while steam or thermal coal used in power generation has gone from $120 a ton to low $40 a ton. Coal production is the most important subject in the upcoming 2016 Presidential election for residents of West Virginia. Photo by Debbie Hill/ UPI

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A Truck Loads Coal At A Mine In West Virginia
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