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The Hubble Space Telescope Spots a Curious Spiral
The Universe is so vast that it can be challenging to maintain a sense of scale. Many galaxies we see through telescopes such as the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, the source of this beautiful image, look relatively similar: spiraling arms, a glowing center, and a mixture of bright specks of star formation and dark ripples of cosmic dust weaving throughout. This galaxy, a spiral galaxy named NGC 772, is no exception. NGC 772 is both a peculiar and an unbarred spiral galaxy; respectively, this means that it is somewhat odd in size, shape, or composition and that it lacks a central feature known as a bar, which we see in many galaxies throughout the cosmos - including the Milky Way. These bars are built of gas and stars and are thought to funnel and transport material through the galactic core, possibly fueling and igniting various processes such as star formation. NASA/UPI

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The Hubble Space Telescope Spots a Curious Spiral
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