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Remembering those who died in 2014.
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2014 was a groundbreaking year in space exploration marked by the first successful landing of a probe on a comet, the maiden launch of NASA's Orion spacecraft, and new stunning images captured by the Hubble telescope.
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While demonstrators marched in the U.S. protesting police violence, pro-democracy activists occupied Hong Kong, and rioters took to the street of Kiev. Immigration, Independence, Climate Change, and Human Rights were all major themes in 2014, the year of the protester.
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Top photos of the year from Washington, D.C.
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The most memorable moments in Entertainment from the red carpet to the silver screen.
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Fashion that defined the runways and red carpets of 2014.
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2014 was a banner year in sports with the Winter Olympics, and the World Cup captivating audiences worldwide.
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Pro-democracy activists occupy Hong Kong, economic leaders go head to head in Beijing, President Jinping declares war on pollution, and World Cup fever sweeps a nation that gradually continues to open up to Western culture.
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Highlights from the top musical performances and award winners of 2014.