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The year's hottest fashions from Haute Couture to Pret-a-Porter. This collection features the best UPI fashion photos on the runways of Paris, Miami, New York, and Beijing.
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UPI's top photos from the nation's capital including the return of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the Affordable Healthcare Act battle.
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UPI top photos from the year in sports for 2012. Highlights include the year's champions for major league sports, and the gold medal winners who captivated the world during the London Olympics.
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The best in Film premieres, award shows, and festivals world wide. UPI highlights the year in entertainment, 2012.
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2012 saw the growth of China's military might, a new leader in the Communist party, and the first female astronaut in space.
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A collection of the year's top photos from UPI Photographers around the world.
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From Solar storms to the retiring of the Shuttles "Atlantis" and "Discovery", this constantly updated collection features the top space news photos of 2012.
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Every year celebrities, politicians and famous minds pass away. Here's a list of the dearly departed class of 2012.