Demonstrations continue in Paris(15 images)

Massive crowds continue to protest against President Nicolas Sarkozy's plan to raise the retirement age.

Estimates of the number of marchers from the weekend's demonstrations in Paris and about 200 other cities ranged from 825,000 to about 3 million, Le Monde reported. The low figure came from the Interior Ministry and the higher ones from unions.

The Chamber of Deputies has already approved a pension reform package that would raise the minimum age for receiving a government pension from 60 to 62 and the age for a full pension from 65 to 67. The Senate is expected to vote Wednesday.

A demonstrator wearing a mask of French President Nicolas Sarkozy marches through the streets to protest the French government's attempt to raise the minimum retirement age in Paris on October 19, 2010. Trade unions and students have staged nationwide street marches and disruptive strikes throughout France over the last few weeks. UPI/David Silpa | License Photo
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