World's Top 5 arms exporters(5 images)

The biggest change in the 2011-2015 Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) list of top arms exporters is China – which is rapidly becoming a big exporter of weapons. Though Britain's share of the world market grew about 10 percent, the aggressive growth of China's exports bumped the Brits down to No. 6. In descending order, here are the remaining countries in the top 20: Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Netherlands, Israel, Sweden, Canada. Switzerland, South Korea, Turkey, Norway, Belarus, South Africa and Australia.

No. 5 – Germany
Germany's share of global arms exports fell to 4.7 percent during 2011-2015, down from 11 percent in 2006-2010 when its exports had doubled from the previous five years. Germany's arms exports are showing rapid growth, however, although much of the growth has come from the sale of air refueling tankers to Britain, among other large-ticket items like submarines. TOP CLIENTS 2011-2015 – United States (13 percent), Israel (11 percent), Greece (10 percent) 2006-2010 – Turkey (15 percent), Greece (13 percent) Pictured: U.S. Army 1st Infantry Division soldiers fire Heckler-Koch 5.56 mm G36 assault rifles at a firing range in Orahovac, Kosovo, Serbia, during the NATO-led peacekeeping mission there. Germany delivered 8,000 of these rifles to Kurdish peshmerga forces fighting in Syria. Photo by SSG Vincent A. King/U.S. Army
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