Top archaeological finds of 2015(15 images)

While humans may be rapidly evolving to advance the future, archaeologists are still working to uncover the past to better understand the present day. From shipwrecks to century-old beer to lost cities, this gallery contains just a few of the handful of recent archaeological discoveries from this year.

Underwater monolith
Archaeologists discovered a limestone monolith that is believed to be 10,000 years old at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Measuring 40 feet in length, researchers say the structure once stood upright, rising more than 40 feet high. The monolith is said to have been carved by Mesolithic people who lived between Tunisia and Sicily. Photo by Journal of Archaeological Science

Sliced bacon
Archeologists say they have found U.S. Army bacon and sunscreen in tins buried at England's Salisbury Plain, home to the ancient ruins of Stonehenge. Wessex Archeology says several remnants of a World War II mess facility have been unearthed there in recent years. Photo by Wessex Archeology

OK Sauce
Bottle of OK Sauce were also found alongside with the bacon and sunscreen buried by the U.S. Army at Salisbury Plain. Photo by Wessex Archeology

Celtic prince's tomb
The grave of a Celtic prince from the Iron Age found outside of Paris is believed to be dated back to the 5th century B.C. The artifacts found within the tomb alongside the prince indicate elaborate trading patterns from over 2,500 years ago throughout Europe. Items discovered in the grave include a bronze-decorated cauldron most likely made by the Etruscans (based in Italy) and another cauldron with a depiction of the Greek god Acheloos, indicating trade with the Greeks. Photo by Denis Gilksman/Inrap