Sikhism in North America (10 images)

Updated: Aug. 7, 2012 at 4:13 PM
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CHA99080301 - 03 AUGUST 1999 - CHANDIGARH, PUNJAB, INDIA: A blindfolded sikh performs "gatka", a traditional form of Sikh martial art, during which a coconut is smashed on the head of the woman, August 3, in Chandigarh, a north Indian city which is capital of Punjab state. An Indian court has granted the Sikhs a four week time to appeal a helmet law being instituted for women riding motorcycles and other two-wheeled transportation. As per Sikh religious traditions men or women are not allowed to wear any kind of cap or helmets. One of the Sikh religious sayings is: "Any Sikh wearing cap or a hat would die of leprosy for the next seven births." Protesters broke a coconut on the.head of a Sikh woman to demonstrate the strength of a skull to withstand a massive impact. iw/Harbaksh Singh Nanda UPI
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