Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Complex prepares to open Atlantis exhibit in Florida. (12 images)

Delaware North, which runs the Complex is planning to open the Atlantis exhibit in June. Meanwhile, NASA looks to close down facilities at the Space Center and prepare for newer rockets and future missions beyond low earth orbit. .UPI/Joe Marino-Bill Cantrell
Updated: April 12, 2013 at 5:47 PM
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Thirty two years to the day since NASA launched Space Shuttle Columbia on its maiden voyage, the space agency is making final preparations to shut down launch pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida on April 12, 2013. NASA hopes that commercial companies, like SpaceX could find some use for the complex in the future. The pad was built in the 1960s to support the Apollo flights to the moon as well as the Space Shuttle program. .UPI/Joe Marino-Bill Cantrell
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