Most-frequently divorced celebrities(12 images)

Two divorces? Three divorces? That's just the starting point for these famous frequenters of the front pages of the tabloids and gossip rags, both for their indiscretions during their marriages and the sheer number of matrimonials they've been involved with over the course of their lives.

Arguably the greatest director of all time, Scorsese has admittedly been met with less success in matrimony. His first marriage in 1965 to a fellow student at NYU ended after six years, and his second, to writer Julia Cameron, concluded after a single year. Next came actress Isabella Rossellini in 1979, who he divorced in 1983, marrying producer Barbara De Fina in the same year. But he and De Fina's union ended in 1991. Scorsese's latest marriage to book editor Helen Morris is faring better, with no divorce in sight after their marriage in 1999. UPI/David Silpa | License Photo
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