Most-frequently divorced celebrities(12 images)

Two divorces? Three divorces? That's just the starting point for these famous frequenters of the front pages of the tabloids and gossip rags, both for their indiscretions during their marriages and the sheer number of matrimonials they've been involved with over the course of their lives.

Lewis, one of the most influential figures in the formative years of rock 'n roll music, experienced an equally rocky series of marriages. His first marriage, in 1952, ended after 20 months, while he was reportedly 14 years old (a fact that comes from Lewis during a 1978 interview in People Magazine). His second marriage lasted for four years until ending in 1957, and he had two children during that stretch.

Lewis' third marriage was his most notorious. In 1957, he married Myra Gale Brown, who just happened to be his first cousin once removed, and 13 years old. When news of the marriage broke out to the public, his career was almost completely ruined, and he was blacklisted from radio. Their marriage, strangely, lasted 13 years, before they divorced. Lewis' fourth wife, who he married in 1971, drowned in their swimming pool and his fifth wife also met an unfortunately early end when she died from a methadone overdose in 1984. Lewis' last wife, Kerrie McCarver, came onto the scene in 1984, and their marriage lasted 20 years until, again, ending in divorce. (UPI Photo/Rune Hellestad)

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