Most-frequently divorced celebrities(12 images)

Two divorces? Three divorces? That's just the starting point for these famous frequenters of the front pages of the tabloids and gossip rags, both for their indiscretions during their marriages and the sheer number of matrimonials they've been involved with over the course of their lives.

As famous as Rooney is for his height, he still has a long list of failed marriages. Rooney first married Ava Gardner in 1942, which lasted for a year, then married Betty Jane Phillips in 1944. His subsequent marriages to Martha Vickers (1949-1951) and Elaine Devry (1952-1958) ended in divorce, and his marriage to Carolyn Mitchell tragically ended in 1966 when she was murdered. In the fallout, he married her friend Marge Lane, which only lasted for 100 days. He was married to Carolyn Hockett between 1969 and 1974, but eventually, in 1978, Rooney met his match with Jan Chamberlin, with whom he has been married ever since. Their marriage, as a bit of trivia, has lasted longer than all of Rooney's previous marriages combined. (UPI Photo/Phil McCarten) | License Photo
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