Most famous celebrity comebacks (20 images)

If there's anything the public loves, it's a successful comeback, and the more scandalous the nadir, the most spectacular the ascent. Hollywood lends itself to such stories of drug-laden lows and redemptive highs, and these celebs are no different, falling on and off of the wagon at various times of their lives.
Updated: Oct. 24, 2011 at 10:48 AM
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After being the second member of the Democratic party to ever win a second full term as president, and serving during the longest period of peaceful economic expansion, Bill Clinton almost lost it all after a scandal that involved infamous White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice, but was soon acquitted by the U.S. Senate and allowed to finish his term. Somehow, Clinton's marriage managed to survive the media attention and his image among Americans remains solid as he is currently traveling all over the world for his charitable foundation, the William J. Clinton Foundation, which, among other projects, has helped people affected by the earthquake in Haiti. UPI /Monika Graff
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