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NHL Hockey action begins, Friday, October 7. Here is a look back at some of the hardest hits from last year's season.
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Michael Jackson's personal doctor, Conrad Murray, is on trial for involuntary manslaughter of the King of Pop in Los Angeles.
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After spending four years in an Italian prison Knox arrived in the United States after departing Rome's Leonardo da Vinci airport. Knox's life turned around dramatically Monday when an Italian appeals court threw out her conviction in the sexual assault and fatal stabbing of her British roommate.
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The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to the west coast, with protesters marching in solidarity with those in New York City by meeting at the Los Angeles City Hall and then marching through the financial district.
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Every year, Prince Charles and the Prime Minister join stars in honoring the UK's unsung heroes at the national Pride f Britain awards.
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The remake of the 1984 classic "Footloose" is set to premiere on Oct. 14, 2011.
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The Rangers are trying to repeat their World Series status as they tackle the Tigers, while the Brewers are trying to overcome the Cardinals, who stunned the world by knocking the Phillies out of the running.
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Hugh Jackmam, cast, and guests attend the premiere of motion picture sci-fi drama "Real Steel", at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California on October 2, 2011.
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NFL players wear pink in the month of October to support the fight against breast cancer.
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Over 2000 yogis participate in a giant yoga session near the Eiffel Tower in Paris on October 2, 2011. The giant class was organized by American yoga instructor Elena Brower. UPI/David Silpa
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Featuring the likes of Chanel, Gaspard Yurkievich, Barbara Bui and Dries Van Noten, the second of Paris' two fashion weeks continues in the French capitol.
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As the protests grow in size, reaching a crescendo over the weekend as the NYPD arrested more than 700 individuals who had been corralled onto the Brooklyn Bridge, their singular purpose and future remains ambiguous.
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Just a month ago, it seemed as if the Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves were predestined for the playoffs. The likelihood of either being left out of the race for the pennant in October was almost mathematically impossible. But then the Rays and Cardinals surged, the Sox and Braves faltered, and both teams' seasons ended against the Baltimore Orioles and Philadelphia Phillies.
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It's not just Republicans and Democrats vying for the presidency. Sometimes, there are some unusual suspects lining up for the White House, who can show up from the most unlikely places with some of the oddest stances on the issues.
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President Obama told students at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School in Washington, D.C. that America needs their ideas and passion immediately, "we need your generation to bring us back to the top. If we do that, you guys will have a brighter future. And so will America."
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The Washington Monument, damaged during the August earthquake that struck D.C., is currently under inspection for signs of additional, previously-unnoticed structural issues and will be closed to the public for an undisclosed period of time.
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George Clooney's political drama is set to arrive in theaters on Oct. 7, 2011.
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Singer and musician Melissa Etheridge is honored with the 2,450th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles on September 27, 2011.
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In an earlier gallery, we covered the richest individuals in America, with the likes of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerman. But what about those on Capitol Hill, whose votes influence just how the economy works from the top down? Read on to find out who's making bank in Congress, with a major thanks to Roll Call as a primary source of information.
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All there is to say about the games during this third week of the NFL season is, "Wow. Tom Brady threw how many interceptions? And the Bills demolished them? Without the return of Jim Kelly?"
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