Mumps outbreak spreads to 28 cases related to Ohio State University

Columbus public health authorities have confirmed five new cases of the virus.
By Kate Stanton  |  March 18, 2014 at 9:11 PM
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Twenty-eight people closely associated with The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, have come down with a case of the mumps, a viral disease characterized by swollen salivary glands, fever, headache and muscle aches.

Columbus Public Health spokesperson Jose Rodriguez said Tuesday that five more people had been diagnosed, up from 23 people on Monday.

One of the victims is a staff member, while 23 others are students at the university. The rest have ties to the school.

The school is encouraging students to practice good hygiene and cover their hands when they cough and sneeze.

Just last month, two Fordham University campuses were hit with an outbreak of the virus, leading more than a dozen people to come down with the disease.

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