Expert: 'Right face' = success, leadership

CANTERBURY, England, Jan. 29 (UPI) -- A British facial mapping expert says some may be born leaders because most agree leadership and success is equated with certain facial features.

Senior lecturer in physics and a facial mapping expert Dr. Chris Solomon and his research team at the University of Kent's Canterbury campus in England asked 100 people to rank 100 faces in order of their perceived business acumen and leadership qualities.


In men, success and leadership were equated to a rectangular face with angular features, focused eyes, a thin straight mouth and healthy skin, reported.

Women thought to be good leaders would have an oval face with wide, alert eyes, well-defined features and arched eyebrows, Solomon said.

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"There is no question that we subconsciously respond to people's facial appearance in all kinds of ways and it takes most people about three seconds to form a first impression on someone," said Solomon, whose research includes image processing and reconstruction facial encoding.

In Britain, Nick Clegg. leader of the Liberal Democrats, had the most successful looking "political face" with Prime Minister David Cameron not far behind. Cameron is leader of the Conservative Party in Britain.


However, two other British politicians were found lacking and it was suggested they would need to spend about $40,000 between them for rhinoplasty, eye bag removal and chin implants to become more "electable," Solomon said.

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However, Solomon said he is not suggesting aspiring political leaders get plastic surgery.

"In the United States, politicians go to great lengths to make sure their appearance is immaculate, but I like to think people here are not quite as shallow as that and once they've had the opportunity of hearing and seeing somebody they'll form an opinion based on the actual facts," Solomon told

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