Mobile app ups elderly drug adherence

HAIFA, Israel, Jan. 23 (UPI) -- Those who use MediSafe reported a medication adherence rate of 81 percent, higher than the average adherence rate of 50 percent, Israeli researchers say.

The MediSafe Project was inspired by the accidental and potentially fatal insulin double-dose of brothers Rotem and Omri "Bob" Shor's diabetic father.


Omri "Bob" Shor, chief executive officer of the MediSafe Project, said the cloud-synced mobile app helps families prevent emergencies caused by over- or under-dosing medications. In addition to reminding users when it's time to take their medication, MediSafe Project sends alerts to selected family members, friends and caretakers when a loved one misses a dose.

Available as a free download in Google Play and iTunes App Store MediSafe Project is a complete ecosystem of patients, families, doctors, drug stores and pharmaceutical companies to solve the hazardous and costly problem of medication non-adherence.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta found 50 percent of Americans who took more than one medication on a daily basis didn't comply with medication instructions.

Of the 50 percent who didn't comply with medication instructions, 30 percent gave the reason: "I just forgot," Shor said.


Medication non-adherence accounts for 27,000 preventable deaths per year in the United States and costs $290 billion in preventable U.S. healthcare costs per year, Shor said.

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