Report: Professors have least job stress

Jan. 3, 2013 at 3:05 PM
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WASHINGTON, Jan. 3 (UPI) -- University professor is the least stressful job available to U.S. workers in 2013, a job-search website said Thursday. said teaching at the college level combines relatively high pay with a median annual salary of more than $62,000, prestige and a comfortable environment.

"Their students are largely those who choose the classes they attend, and thus want to be in class," the website said. "Unlike elementary and secondary educators, the performance of college professors isn't evaluated based on standardized tests. University professors also have the opportunity to earn tenure, which guarantees lifetime employment."

At the other end of the employment ladder, CareerCast said enlisted men and women in the armed forces have the most stressful jobs -- and the prospect of making the transition to a civilian job adds to the stress.

"The dangers of serving as enlisted military personnel are well known at times of conflict, especially while on active duty deployment," the website said. "But even in times of peace, military members take on many rigorous tasks, such as aiding in natural disaster relief."

Military generals were ranked as having the second-most stressful jobs. Firefighters, commercial airline pilots, public relations managers, top corporate executives, news photographers, news reporters, taxi drivers and police officers followed.

Responsibility for others, physical danger and being in the public eye are major stressors. Many workers with little job stress work out of sight.

Seamstresses and tailors were ranked as having little stress, followed by medical records technicians, jewelers, medical lab technicians, audiologists, dietitians, hair stylists, librarians and drill press operators.

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