Diet trends: Low-fat, low-carb out

NEW YORK, Dec. 30 (UPI) -- Many dietitians agree low-fat, low-carb diets are out, with natural, simple, gluten-free diets with few ingredients in for the new year, a survey indicates.

The survey, conducted by Pollock Communications, found 51 percent of the 200 registered dietitians queried predicted consumers would continue to demand natural and simple foods, minimally processed with few ingredients. Half of the dietitians said low-fat and low-carb diets were out for 2013 -- good news for bread, pasta and rice lovers.


To lose weight, consumers were looking to use the gluten-free approach, as well as commercial diet programs such as Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig.

Dietitians, social media and smartphone apps were the top three resources used for nutrition advice, the survey found.

Consumers would continue to focus on eating high-quality calories -- foods with more nutrition per bite -- 57 percent of the dietitians said.

Hands down, dietitians agreed eating more fruits and vegetables would have the biggest impact on improving Americans' diet and health in 2013.

Seventy-six percent of the dietitians said they were using the federal government's MyPlate to counsel patients.


No survey details were provided.

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