Anger can rob a person of happiness

May 28, 2012 at 4:46 PM
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LA MESA, Calif., May 28 (UPI) -- The first step to happiness is getting angry -- but unless people master anger others steal energy and power robbing them of happiness, a U.S. author suggests.

"Anger is like fire," Kevin B. Burk, author of the book "Anger Mastery: Get Angry, Get Happy," says in a statement. "When you master it, it's a powerful source of energy. If you don't master it, but, it can be dangerous and destructive. Until you master your anger, other people will steal your energy, your power, and your ability to be happy."

Burk's three-phase Anger Mastery process involves:

-- In Phase 1, people learn how to use more of their energy. The reason people give away power to others is that they can't handle it themselves.

-- Phase 2 helps people stay out of victim consciousness by learning how to feel safe. People meet their safety needs with a tool called the Present Moment Awareness Safety Meditation, available for free at

-- Phase 3 shows people how to use their new found energy to become truly, completely happy.

"When you master your anger, but you take back your power. On the outside, others see you as nicer, less aggressive, and less prone to inappropriate expressions of frustration and rage," Burk said. "On the inside, you're no longer miserable. You feel empowered, you feel energized and you feel infinitely happier than you did before."

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