Poll: Most U.S. adults unhappy with weight

NEW YORK, April 18 (UPI) -- Most U.S. adults, including 59 percent of women, say they want to lose 10 to 20 pounds, a survey by Fitness Magazine and Yahoo! indicated.

The survey found 74 percent of U.S. adults said they were not currently at their goal weight, while 44 percent of women and 38 percent of men said they would be happier at their ideal weight.


Men and women said if they were at their goal weight:

-- 41 percent said they would be happier.

-- 18 percent said they would have a better love life.

-- 7 percent said they would make more money.

-- 5 percent said they would have more friends.

Twenty-eight percent of women said they wished they could steal actress Halle Berry's body confidence, 20 percent said singer Beyonce, 15 percent said actress Kate Winslet, 8 percent said celebrity Kim Kardashian and 6 percent said British singer Adele.

Forty-eight percent of the women admitted having an "I feel fat" day once a week or more, compared to 28 percent of men. Nineteen percent of women said they felt fat every day.


Men weren't as hard on themselves, 18 percent said they thought they looked just as good as other men, with only 16 percent admitting they believe they looked fatter by comparison.

Yahoo! partnered with Ipsos MediaCT to conduct the Yahoo! Shine weight survey of 2,001 U.S. adults ages 18-64 in January. No other survey details were reported.

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